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Britain's long history is intimately connected to the sea. The maritime section of the English Heritage National Monument Record currently holds around 40,000 maritime-related records. It includes 26,500 known historic ship losses and 13,500 known wreck sites, seabed obstructions and isolated finds. This represents only a small fraction of the potential number of archaeological sites surrounding the English coastline.

They range in date from the Bronze Age to the modern era and include merchant and military ships from England and abroad. In all cases, they are shipwreck sites that are viewed as extraordinary due to the wealth of information they can tell us about the past.

The Protection of Wrecks Act was passed in 1973 to protect the most significant and important of shipwreck sites. Access to these sites is restricted only to visitors and archaeological investigators that have the appropriate licences. Frequently, those licences must also name an archaeological advisor as an added measure of protection. There are currently 49 historic wreck sites designated in English waters (64 across the UK).

This site focuses on the warship
Hazardous, a protected wreck on the West Sussex coast. It aims to provide an outline of the history and importance of the site while also explaining the interactive nature of a diver trail that has been established in association with the site. By providing this information to a wide audience, it is hoped that a greater appreciation for protected historic shipwrecks will be passed on to a new group of enthusiasts. We hope that you will enjoy this journey into Britain's maritime past.